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Fashion Killa (Druid Cloak Remix) by A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky’s debut album, Long.Live.A$AP, leaked a few weeks ago to critical acclaim; the whole album is great, and if you haven’t listened to it yet, get it on. One of the standout tracks, for me, was Fashion Killa; it’s beat, produced in part by Rocky himself (under the alias LORD FLACKO), saves what would otherwise be a rather drab song about the fashion sense of Rocky’s girl, and, by association, his trendiness.

Druid Cloak took that silky beat and made it dreamier and more hypnotic, sending the listener through a four minute trip of bliss, beauty, and bass. I listened this on repeat five times without noticing it. Yum.

(FREE!) download: facebook



The Pulse by Hot Bodies In Motion

Here’s something a little bit different than we’ve posted before, but we don’t like to exclude any genre of music here on HOLY GRIND; one of my favorite bands, Hot Bodies In Motion, will be releasing a new EP on January 8th. I’m lucky enough to have gotten all four tracks ahead of time, and they’re all brilliant pieces of blues rock. The band describes themselves as having a “baby-making mammal funk” sound, which really fits them quite perfectly.

'The Pulse', the first track off Principle A, serves as a perfect introduction to anyone who has never before heard the smooth sound of Hot Bodies In Motion.

Pre-order the album here or buy it when it comes out on Jan. 8th.